Hello! This is the central resource page of Beyond Panels: practical information and advice on event formats, tips and methods for including attendees in a more active way. Nested under this page are my own takes on some event designs.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a one-page comparison of 10 event designs that could help your next event go beyond a panel. Your attendees, experts and institution will thank you for it.

I make no claim that these resources are either definitive or original. It’s cobbled together from my experience, what I’ve seen online, and shared wisdom from other practitioners. If this is the start of your journey Beyond Panels, I hope you find it rich and useful, but don’t stop here! There are people out there with decades more experience than me who talk, think and write about this. Plug relevant search terms into the engine of your choice and see how you go – and if you strike gold, leave a link in the comments if you’re feeling generous!

If you’re already on board with deploying active formats in events, great. I’d love this to be a place where we can share, constructively critique, and collectively build better practice. What’s the best format you’ve seen? What are the most common pitfalls you wish you never had to see again? Hit the #BeyondPanels hashtag on Twitter or leave comments below. I’ll periodically integrate new formats, examples, writeups and ideas into the resources of the site.

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